"I found him whom my soul loveth:
I held him, and would not let him go ...
I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine.

Song of Songs 6:3


Paramount to my service to you are professionalism, safety and enjoyment.

Therefore please keep in mind the following terms and conditions as we create, plan and celebrate your ceremony together.



Legal documents
Original copies of documents are required to be presented at the time of completion of the Notice of Intended Marriage – or sent with the NOIM if completed elsewhere.

Let us ensure together, that your ceremony, music and documentation is finalised at least one month before your wedding date. In cases where the minimum notice is given, then two weeks before your wedding date. This frees us all up to concentrate on those last minute things and to put in place any requirements for the ceremony.

On your wedding day

My commitment to you is to arrive at your venue 20-30 minutes early to set up.
My fee includes a maximum time at the ceremony of 2 hours, made up as follows:

    30 mins set up
    Up to 30 mins waiting for the bride to arrive – I would appreciate being kept informed of any delays.
    30 mins ceremony
    30 mins packing up
This does not include travel time.
As there may be another ceremony following yours, please take this timing into consideration and note the extra charges below for delays to starting and completing your ceremony.




It is always advisable to have an appropriate plan 'B' and possibly 'C’ in place, well in advance of your wedding date should adverse conditions exist, or threaten, on the day and time booked for your ceremony. I would appreciate these being lodged with me, at least 24 hours before the date and time booked for the ceremony, to allow time for changes in documentation and planning.

For the comfort of guests and the wedding party, as well as the smooth running of your ceremony, please keep in mind the following:

    1. PA will not be available in rain.
    2. To avoid water damage to documents, signing needs to be under cover - even in light rain.
Extreme Weather Conditions

In unexpected seasonal extremes of heat, cold, wind, fire, smoke, snow, storms or any other unsafe natural event, it is advisable to relocate the ceremony to a safe venue inside, or away from harm.

    1. Over 28C - shade will assist the comfort of all.
    2. Over 35C – it is best to relocate indoors or into heavy shade.
    3. Drinking water is a good idea to keep guests hydrated and cool.
Weddings in the Snow

Not being a ‘snow bunny’ I do not perform ceremonies in the snow. However, I am happy to attend indoor ceremonies, if arrangements have been made for transportation to the venue and snow gear is not required. All gate fees and transport will be invoiced.


The non-refundable deposit - or full fee - is payable at the time of confirming your booking. Any balance is due a month before your wedding date.

Fees forfeited for cancellation are as follows:

  1. within 3 months of wedding date - 60% of Celebrancy Fee; 
  2. within 2 months - 80% of Celebrancy Fee;
  3. within 1 month - 100% of Celebrancy Fee.
  4. Add to the above any special expenses paid by Celebrant, such as gate fees, parking fees, travel expenses, theme clothing etc.
  5. Delay to ceremony start and finish:
  6. For every hour or part thereof past the agreed starting or finishing time $75 will be invoiced.

horse and cart


Getting there

Please allow for the following:

  • Ease of access by Celebrant vehicle to the venue, or alternative transport provided.
  • Clear directions and a contact phone number for use on the day.
  • Short, stable, clear walk to venue from car park or transport to the site.

If you are supplying transport for the Celebrant party e.g 4WD or helicopter to remote venues:

  1. It is expected that:
  2. The driver/pilot will be appropriately qualified and licensed for the particular vehicle and hold public liability insurance.
  3. No undue risks will be taken in the terrain or inclement weather.
  4. Safety and care will be utmost at all times.

Please keep in mind OH&S safety requirements.

Female guests may have high heel shoes on; some guests may be frail or disabled so plan for a clear, level area for the wedding party and guests.

There are all sorts of possible hazards in the Bush so take appropriate precautions, have first aid and emergency plans in place.


Remember the comfort of your guests, wedding party - and Celebrant - on the day. Don’t let them swelter, become dehydrated – or the opposite, on pre-ceremony drinks! - get sunburnt, tired and aching feet,  or even become saturated or wind swept,  waiting for the Bridal party to arrive. Ten minutes is late enough, on time is even better!




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